ActiveFence wishes you and your family members many moments of happiness that will become sweet memories.

Happy Family Day!

Stickies are 8"*8" framed photos


Stickies stick to your wall with no need of nails


You can stick and re-stick to the wall with no marks and no hesitation 🙂

Please choose one of the offers below:

תמונות לסלון

Package 1

6 standard squares (20×20 cm)

Package 2

A mix of 2 standard squares (20×20 cm) +  2 horizontal rectangle (30×20 cm)


Package 3

3 vertical rectangles (20×30 cm)

Walls of Stickies

הצטרפו לסטיקיז

לפרסום ומכיר של האמנות שלכם מלאו את הטופס ואנו נחזור אליכם מיד.