Happy Purim!

Stickies are 8"*8" framed photos


Stickies stick to your wall with no need of nails


You can stick and re-stick to the wall with no marks and no hesitation 🙂

How do we do this? 

1.Click on "Let's Start" before 31 March 2022.
2. Choose three pictures from your Albums.
3. Choose a frame.
4. Once the Stickies are ready, they’ll reach you in the office.

Your Gift Is:

3 Stickies 8"*8"

You can choose a black/white/ tile frame, with/without white borders

Walls of Stickies

הצטרפו לסטיקיז

לפרסום ומכיר של האמנות שלכם מלאו את הטופס ואנו נחזור אליכם מיד.